If a day in your life is like a day in mine, I never have enough time to get everything done the way I would like.  My to do list most always runs over to the next day and I constantly have a feeling of being behind before I ever get started.   Does this sound familiar?  I figured as much.

Because of the nature of the real estate business, and most any business, time management is always a top priority.  We have deadlines to meet, projects to get done and customers/clients to please.  Making efficient use of your time is a must.   Here’s a few things that might help you to stay on track.

1. Create a schedule and stick to it.

You must commit to organizing and prioritizing each item on your list.  But most of all be realistic.  Don’t set goals that you can never reach and schedule the less desirable ones to be done first thing in the morning so that they are completed and out of the way.  Then you create a sense of accomplishment that carries throughout the day and it’s easier to complete each task thereafter.

2.  If necessary invest extra time.

If you complete all things on your list early then spend the extra time “catching up” on things you planned to do later like making a phone call to your sphere or writing that social media post or even cleaning up your desk.

3.  Use technology to your advantage.

Technology usually helps us increase efficiency but can also hinder us as well.  Be sure your use those apps wisely and gain the benefit of available tools and resources to help you achieve your long and short term goals.

4.  Don’t waste time.

Disappointment and discouragement often sabotage our best work ethics.  Be bold in what you do and move forward.  Don’t constantly take steps backward because something didn’t go as planned or you didn’t get everything done.  Resolve to do better tomorrow.  After all it is a new day.

These are all tips I try to utilize myself.  But if you do find yourself falling miserably behind every day and you are wallowing in despair, call, message or live chat with me.  I can help.  Office Solutions 4 U is here to assist you in whatever way possible to help you stay ahead of the game.