When working with clients sometimes we need to shut up and listen.  Sounds kind of harsh doesn’t it but it’s true.  When working with a prospective customer do you often try to anticipate what’s going to be said next?  Is your mind already thinking ahead to formulate possible answers to every question before it’s even asked?  If you are, then you may have lost that customer before you every start.

Think this way.  Does a lot of questions bother you? It shouldn’t because it shows they are motivated about your prospects. What if they suddenly speed up or slow down the conversation?  This proves they are excited about the outcome or maybe their rationalizing a decision.  A good indicator of interest is when they start asking general questions.

Watching for these verbal, and sometimes nonverbal (body language), cues is to your advantage because you can then ask leading questions to be sure you are “hearing” them correctly.  But don’t rush the process.  If you start talking like you’ve got the listing or buyer you may jump the gun and lose control.  Nothing makes me angrier or turns me off than to have someone talk over me and not listen to what I have to say.  So put your foot in your mouth (not literally of course LOL!) and open your eyes and ears.  It’s the way to gain more business and referrals!