I just read a couple of interesting articles that talked about postcard marketing and farming local neighborhoods.  I know I know most of you are probably turning up your noses and saying “I don’t have a budget big enough to do a farming campaign.  Postage and postcards are way too expensive.”  But what if I gave you a way to market that was within your budget?  Would you be interested?  Read on!

First, postcards and postage are expensive especially if you try to market to your entire area/sphere.  But what about targeting a specific area and getting help doing it.  Maybe you should try co-marketing with a local business near your target area.  Consider something like an open house catered by a local restaurant or event hosted by you with the business providing the service.  You could share the cost of sending out the postcard invites to neighbors marketing both of you.  You would have a place to get leads and referrals and the business owner would add people coming to his establishment.  A mutually benefiting experience for both of you and not so expensive to either.

Second, you always want to work with a marketing partner, not a vendor.  You want to stand out from the crowd and not do something everybody else is doing.  A lot of times those pre-designed campaigns are used by multiple agents who market to the same areas.  I would send multiple emails of the same info to my spam folder.  Do you want that to happen? I wouldn’t and I don’t think you would either.  Stand out from the crowd!

Although either of the above ideas take work, and it’s a process to set things up, just think of the return. You increase your contacts/SOI, you create awareness in the minds of people living in your marketplace and over time you get solid exposure and business.

So don’t go down the wrong path…create a new one!  And by partnering with us your new path can be a long and prosperous one.

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