How do you personally stay in touch with your clients?  Is it always digitally through email or some other paperless system?  The most common misconception is that if we provide good customer service the referrals will come…you know, like in the movie Field of Dreamsrecite-15940-328757878-1f38um4-249x300…if you build it they will come.  Well, that’s not always true.  Oftentimes even the best customer/client needs a little nudging now and again.  Their lives are busy too.  So don’t hesitate to make that personal touch to ask for referrals or a testimonial.

You want to stand out to a particular client?  Be part of their journey by being in their everyday lives.  This can be accomplished through social media, sure, but what about helping them focus on the important things such as a child’s accomplishment in sports or school.  Or maybe just a “high five” card for taking care of business promptly.  Any little thing sometimes makes the biggest impression.

If you get a lot of referrals from your clients, send them a personal thank you note to let them know how things turned out.  And when that referral closes on their purchase a lot of us send out a closing gift, something lasting and unique.  A few days later, send out a handwritten note of thanks.

In other words, make everyone feel as special as possible.  Stand out from the crowd.  Don’t let them forget you!  And when you need a helping hand don’t forget Office Solutions 4 U!