In a sea of real estate agents do you stand out from the crowd?  Think about Pirates.  What comes to mind?  They stand out from a crowd of mates, right?  When they walk by, the crowd parts.  Bottom line they are unique.

How does this relate to real estate you ask?  How many times have you heard someone tell someone else that they’re different because of something they offer or promise to deliver?  But what is it?  The same type of sameness just at a different company.  But the pirate way of thinking is something completely different.  They command presence…not with promises or offers but with a uniqueness that is theirs alone.

Let’s take a look at what this means to you.

When you sit down to evaluate your business and where you want to go, be completely honest, even critical.  Start by crossing off everything that you do or possess that everyone else in real estate does or possesses (certifications, software, marketing, etc.).  It may leave you with a short list.  Start building upon that short list by thinking of noteworthy traits that are totally yours and capitalize on them.  Market leaders stand out because of something only they possess.  Present your value to potential clients.

And don’t worry if things get disrupted for a while.  As you navigate the stormy seas searching for buried treasure, X marks the end of your journey.  The treasure awaits as you become the new leader in your field, the captain of your ship.

So Set Sail and Chart Your New Course!