I read an interesti01b972ad9f9b9a166bab8261e84903cbng article the other day talking about writer’s block and trying to come up with content for blog posts.  I don’t know about you but I have to be in the mood to do research and sit down to write my posts.   Then again sometimes a thought just hits me and I can run with it.  Boom and it’s done!  I really like those times, LOL!  But if you ever get stuck looking at the computer like it’s going to magically write words for you maybe this will help.

1.  Try doing something else for a while.  I once worked for a man who every now and then got up from his desk and walked around the office, maybe even went outside.  By doing this he cleared his mind and when he came back in he was ready to refocus and have at it again.

2.  If you’re home based as we are, try leaving your office and get some exercise.  This not only helps your body but stimulates your mind.  Stresses, like writer’s block, tend to melt away with the miles or reps.  And it could be something as simple as cleaning the house…or not!

3.  Change your schedule around.  If you normally write in the morning, try the evening and vice versa.  It may give you a better perspective and get you going in a totally different, and maybe better, direction.  Discover the time of day you are most creative.

4.  Try keeping a jour
nal when you have those brainstorm ideas or use your voice recorder when you are in the car going from place to place.  Doesn’t have to necessarily have to be about your blog.  Maybe it’s just something you want to think about later.  This has been a lifesaver for me.   My thoughts are down and sometimes just reading over them refreshes my mind on what I want to say.  Or maybe I’ll go in a different direction from something I’ve not even thought to write about.

5.  Since I’m in my office most all day, I love to change the scenery whenever I can.  I like to go to the park, my patio, or the library.  You don’t have to have wi-fi and be at your computer all the time.  Actually, I feel more creative when I’m doing it the old fashioned way using pen and paper.  Change it up and see what works best for you.
So the next time you get writer’s block, or on mental overload, try one of these tips and see which works better for you.  And if you find a new one, share it with us.  I’m always trying to find new and exciting ways to do things better.