We, as business owners, often complain that there is too much to learn and keep up with to make our business worthwhile.  Well, what if I told you that there’s a way to make it less of a struggle?  Yes we all need to take the time to engage in new techniques and ideas to better our business.  And yes, we always need to gain a better clarity on how to move onward and upward.  But how we do this is the key.

How can I do that you might ask?  Well, we all have strengths and weaknesses and do things we really don’t like to do.  However, we should be working toward, and strengthening, our strengths and not our weaknesses as our ultimate goal.

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What are you doing in your business that you hate? What are you downright bad at that may be costing you not only money but clients?  Ideally you want to work at something that you really love and that you’re really good at.  You also will spend time on things that you’re very competent in.  Where you don’t want to be is in the incompetent area–ineffectual and unskilled.  Nothing good can come from trying to continue to do it all!  So start delegating those items as soon as possible.  Get rid of them!  They will make you miserable and won’t make you money.  As a matter of fact they will probably cause you to lose money because you keep procrastinating about getting them done.  Find someone you can delegate those items to immediately.  It may not be as costly as you think and it will give you renewed energy to do those money-GENERATING activities that you get excited about and enjoy doing.  Look for partners to add to your team that are strong where you are weak.  By adding those people your business will be unstoppable not to mention you won’t have to do those tasks any more.   So be happy! Work at the business you love…again!