Do you ever get up with the blahs?  Oh man, I do!  It happened this morning as a matter of fact.  I just wanted to stay in bed and sleep until noon or maybe not even come out!  But since we all have to work (unless you just won the lottery and are now a millionaire) we don’t have to feel this way every day.  Our emotions are very powerful tools and we can focus on the positive instead of the negative.  Here are a few ways that can work for you.

  1. 712c26c16cc5fb322a023a763ad96ff80523b098460f50dee386a6ca368557e6Start a morning routine.  This may include a morning exercise regimen, going for a run in the crisp morning air, meditation, playing with your pet(s) and just plain ole relaxing the body.  It’s amazing what starting off the day in a relaxed mode will do for your day.
  2. Before you become a morning glory, give gratitude.  It’s easy to become negative when you forget how good you have it.  Spend time each morning being appreciative of things you are grateful for.  It will turn your whole mindset around.
  3. Prepare a delicious breakfast.  Instead of taking time to check up on social media, email or, heaven forbid, the morbid news, fix yourself a healthy and nutritious breakfast and taste it for a change.  Protein shake? Bacon and eggs?  You get the picture.
  4. Read or listen to something uplifting.  Get your mind buzzing with motivation.
  5. SMILE!  Even if you don’t feel your best always smile.  It makes the other person wonder what you’re up to J.   But truthfully, it can make such a difference in your day.  It lightens your mood and reminds you that nothing is too serious that you can’t handle it.

When you feel like everyone and thing is against you, and you get up remembering all that you have to do for the day, unleash the power within and enjoy every day as it comes.  And call Office Solutions 4 U to take some of those tasks off your shoulders.