Do you have that dreaded syndrome called “I want to do it all myself”?   Nobody can do it as good as you do.  Right?  Wrong!  How many times during the day do you scratch your head and think, or say out loud, “I wish I had someone to do this for me”.  If this is you, consider these points.

Let’s start by saying that when you manage your own business, as most realtors do, it relieves the pressure of having to be good at everything when you delegate tasks to someone else.  Here are some ways Office Solutions 4 U can make your life easier.  See if any of them fit you.

  1. “I don’t have time to delegate and/or train someone.”  Well, let’s see now.  With OS4U you won’t have to worry about training  because we are knowledgeable in most aspects of the real estate profession.  Once we “learn” you and your way of doing things our partnership grows and you become more successful.  A few hours now can save you big later.  Sound good?
  2. “I can do it better or I’m afraid of losing control.”  If you work with a qualified professional at OS4U they will become as proficient as you are.  We can also add a new perspective and creativity to make doing the task more efficient or effective.  And by insisting on feedback, not only from your partner but the people they are dealing with, you can be sure the job/tasks are being handled.  We at OS4U welcome the feedback from all avenues because we are continually striving to be better.
  3. “Once I get to know and trust them they leave.”  Well, I can’t say that would never happen, but we try to stay engaged in our business and want to partner with you in your present and future achievements.

Just think of the time you will save doing the things you enjoy once you learn how to delegate.  Identifying your skills allows you to bring the greatest value to your business.  Being the top agent in your company or region!  Contact us through our website,


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Then call Office Solutions 4 U for practical solutions to your needs.