We are all creative to some degree and some are better at expressing that side than others.   Me, I happen to be a very creative person and always have been.  My imagination has always been abundant and during my crafting days I was always ahead of the curve.  If you are the same, here’s some ways that have helped me and they can help you, too.

First, make being creative a daily habit.  Sometimes something fun and sometimes something for work.  A new marketing piece or learn a new hobby.

Next, let your curiosity take control.  Be curious about everything.  If you don’t try it you don’t know if you can do it.  Let your ideas take flight.

Don’t take yourself so seriously.  Have fun!  Act like a kid!  Have fun with what you do and with other people.  You will be surprised what “thinking funny” will do.

One of the most important ways to stay creative is relax!  If you can successfully “turn off your brain” and master relaxation you will automatically get more creative.  That creative idea will just explode in front of you.  Believe it or not some of my most creative ideas have come in the shower!

Most people never listen to others.  If an idea is going to be appealing to others you have to get compassionate.  Take an interest in those around you.

I get excited about things.  Do you?   It may be a new project I’m working on for a client or just a new paint I’m choosing for my home but it excites me about seeing the end result.

The next time you feel uninspired, put that right brain to work and enter your creative zone!