The solutions to working too hard are easy to spot but sometimes hard to overcome.  If you’ve stopped doing all the things that you love you’re probably headed down a very disastrous course both medically and physically.  We need our health and our sanity, don’t we!

Let’s recognize the warning signs together.

  1. 3139e40b546eb1683455a1a1be3ab820You’re chained to your desk.  Do you believe that you can never take time away from the job?  Does everyone depend on you and only you?  This is the 1st warning sign that you need help, so call us.
  2. Your mind races in circles.  If you think this is because you stay in intense focus, well, you’re wrong.  It could be because you are re-visiting the same things over and over.  If you are focused, the things you work on should get simpler as you work through them not the other way around.  De-stress and email us.
  3. You never take a mental break.  When you find out the work doesn’t fall apart because you don’t answer an email or the phone peace will come.  You start enjoying things more that you have forgotten about or not done in like a million years…LOL!  We can help you get to that point.
  4. Your phone or email is constantly “on”.  The constant interruptions hinder your focus and add to your stress level.  Be sure to give yourself some time for contemplation, planning and reflect.  We can help here too.
  5. You’re always running late.  If this applies to you, make a conscious effort to be at the next appointment 5 minutes early.  This forces you to set priorities and concentrate on accountability.  We can set up calendar reminders that help.
  6. You’re impossible to please by living in the past or future.  If you always dwell on past successes or keep wondering when the next one is coming you’re going to drive yourself crazy.  The past is the past and well, the future hasn’t come yet.  We don’t know what will happen in the future.  Ask yourself this, “Do I have all I need right now?”  This makes you focus on the here and now and allows you to meet challenges as they arise.  We’ll be your partner through any crisis.

If you are like me, I have to commit to do these things daily in order to make them work.  We also have to be prepared for failures as well as successes.  Take time to smell the flowers.  Find peace from a life well lived.  Not one where you aren’t happy and wallowing in self-pity.