A lot of people in today’s society think that print marketing is dead.  Well, let me tell you it’s not!  Now hold your horses before you jump on me about the digital world!  Let’s discuss this.

I understand that Facebook, Twitter and all the other social media icons out there are VERY valuable (including for my own business) but what about print marketing?  Do you send out Just Listed or Just Sold postcards as a marketing piece?  Do you put flyers in the home for a potential buyer to pick up?  What about a brochure telling about you to include with your listing packages?  These all say something about you and how you do business.  Yes, I know the internet is the most efficient way to look for houses these days and with smart phones and tablets it seems almost obsolete to use old fashioned methods.  But it must do some good because look at the politicians and all the money they spend!

Consider this. Whether a potential client is ready to sell or not, a postcard sticks with them (maybe even on their refrigerator, LOL!).  A flyer may be picked up and then handed over to someone else that the buyer is friends with hence another potential client.  Some people may make a decision to use your services on what they read in your brochure.  Sure we need to make ourselves visible in the social marketplace but don’t forget the more we have our faces out there the more noticeable we become.  It confirms your status as a realtor and helps establish you as an expert.  And now that I’ve tweaked your thought process, we are only a phone call away to set up the print marketing pieces to get you more visible in your market area.