Good question?  The answer is rarely.  Between work, kids, activities, entertainment, and the list goes on and on and on, it just seems that 24 hours is never enough. And put sleep in there, well that shoots everything out of whack!!  Let’s see what we can do to change that.

First we need to be accountable for the time it takes to do different things.  Not in your head, silly, but on paper.  Start a time log.  Kind of like the food journal that everyone loves to hate including me!  But the main thing is to be honest about the time it takes to do things.  I believe you will find that your time is not as well spent as you think.

Next, we need to make a plan.  Not one of those haphazard things but an appointment type of thing.  Some refer to this method as time blocking.  And plan the whole week.  Your appointments, the ball games, entertainment, etc.  Also take a look at when you are the most productive and schedule that time too.

OK, still with me?  After getting in this routine you’ll find you actually have more time than you even imagined.  I did!  But one more thing really helps.  Start a morning ritual.  Nothing specific…whatever you choose to do.  This might be a great time for your morning devotional or reading something inspirational to start your day.  Or it could be when you get your exercise in or doing something that we keep putting off but know we should do.  Nothing major and no hard deadlines allowed here!

And last, plan some FUN!  Even if it’s on Sunday night do something fun to get you energized for the week ahead.  Whatever makes you joyful and creates memories.  Even plan ahead and happily anticipate a special event.  A trip to the mountains or beach, a concert, well, you get the idea.

So get out of the mindset of “I don’t have time” and make a choice.  Because in the end our choices make us!

time in a day photo