Do you feel tied to your smart phone?  Do you think that you have to post every little thing that happens to you?  Sorry, but get a life!

We all feel and think that social media is good for our business, me included.  However, it’s not like a part of my body that I can’t do without.  Yes, at this point I would feel really lost without it, but what did we do before the age of phones that we could carry with us like an appendage?  We worked hard, enjoyed our real social life with friends face to face, and answered our calls a few times a day.  OK, I’m just as guilty as the rest of you, but social strategy doesn’t mean you keep a hold on your cell phone every minute.  It means having a plan that is manageable and good for our business marketing and should be included in our priorities.  It’s all about content and keeping people engaged with well thought out ideas.  Not having a phone continually glued to our ear or getting thumb-itis!