Are you excited about what you do?  Of course you are…or at least you’d better be!

I love my job as a real estate administrator working with agents and partnering with them to be successful.  I think that excitement comes through when speaking with someone about my business, Office Solutions 4 U.  Does your excitement about working with buyers and sellers and selling real estate come through when you talk with potential clients?  Is that excitement part of your marketing campaigns?  Of course we all need to address our experience and expertise.  After all we have to be knowledgeable about what we do.  But do you excite people into taking action?  Here are a couple of ways to get that buzz on!

Create a memorable tag line.

Focus on solutions.

Have a crystal clear message.

Answer “What’s in it for the prospective client”

These things aren’t a guarantee that everything will dramatically improve but if you try these and use excitability you will definitely improve your ROI.  And after all, ROI excites us!