Some of us are stuck in the time zone of using software that is a few years (maybe even a few months, LOL!) old and outdated.  There’s a place for both but you need to embrace the digital future to watch your business grow.  Are you using word of mouse?

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Here are 3 ways to look at modernizing your technology.

  1. Upgrade your technology.  Make sure you are on the same wave length as the people you talk to.  After all the 30-somethings buying houses today are up on all the latest and greatest.  You don’t want to appear as a technology illiterate but you also don’t have to be a technology geek either.  Have enough knowledge to “walk the walk and talk the talk” and be open to new ideas.  After all, you’re never too old to learn something new!
  2. Make use of the technology and apps they may already be using.  Upgrading technology doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming.  However you communicate with your kids may also be the best way to communicate with your clients.  Get on their level and you’ll garner more leads.
  3. Don’t forget traditional communication.  As we said before, there’s still a place for the “old” way.  We still love to receive physical cards for our birthday or Christmas, for example, and your business can have great success by traditionally communicating with clients.  We still like to get a personal phone call once in a while instead of email.  And sometimes a letter, handwritten or through the computer, can say more than an email.  Find a happy balance between the two.

“When you look at the disruptions and waves of change around you don’t look at them as disruptions, rather as opportunities,”  Anders Sorman-Nilsson, innovation strategist