Here’s a few ways that will teach you how to be.

  1. Know Your Stuff! Over time skill will win out over luck.
  2. Think Things Through. Believe that to be successful, and maintain that success, you have to consider your choices wisely.
  3. If Things are Bad, Don’t Make Them Worse! Know when to do nothing is the best option.
  4. Associate with the Right People. You can’t make a good deal with a bad person. Enough said.
  5. Don’t Be Too Trusting! Even the right people may still let you down. Be prepared.
  6. Know When to Jump Ship. Recognize when something is failing and be willing to change.
  7. Tread Carefully in All Matters. Exercise extreme caution and weigh every action or decision like it’s the last one you’ll make. Think about how quickly you can ruin your reputation.
  8. Appreciate What Came Before. You would not be where you are today had people not paved the way before you and therefore contributed to your success.
  9. Habits Are Hard to Break. Make sure you cultivate good ones.
  10. Be Certain of Your Success Even if No One Else is. Always be convinced that you will succeed and never doubt it!

Thanks to #WarrenBuffett for these pearls of wisdom.  Here’s to Success!

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