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Too much work is a good thing, right?  As realtors, as your business grows and you become more and more successful the growing pains start.  You get busier and busier and what then?  If you hire someone to work with you, where do you put them?  Pay for space and all of the equipment in your agencies office?  If you work out of a home office there’s not room plus it may be awkward to have someone continuously coming in your home.

Now is the time to think about a virtual admin.  Because we handle most of your needs virtually people often don’t realize we are not right in the room with you.  Once you find out how much more productive you can be, we are no longer thought of as virtual.  We’re teammates supporting you in the success of your business.

Question: What would make choosing us to become a valuable teammate in your business possible for you?  Leave your comment below.

Trust is a word often used in everyday business to convey a message.  In the dictionary the word trust means “belief that someone or something is reliable, good, honest, effective, etc.”

In our world, as a business, it can often mean success or failure.  Therefore, trust would mean we are capable to do a job and do it correctly, that we have the knowledge and experience required plus the ability to complete it.  That we have consistency, that we are able to and will complete the follow through each and every time to deliver.  And we need to have context, showing that we are dependable, we have longevity, and have, above all, integrity.

Our team here at OS4U believes that trust and success go hand in hand.  We continually strive to back up our context with consistency and capability thereby providing our clients with a trustworthy partnership.  Let us instill the nature of trust in you.


Online Presence

This is an interesting infographic I came across from the California Association of Realtors talking about how many home buyers rely on the internet to find a realtor and/or a home.  It all boils down to 3 categories.   1) You don’t get it at all or are just unwilling to embrace it.  2) You think you are technically sound, but really you are only a little better than group 1.  3) You get it! You are naturally gifted at picking up new technical platforms or you’re dedicated to learning them to grow your business.

If you’re in group 3, continue on with your day and skip this article.  And congrats!  But only a few of you really and truly exist.  So do you have to run out and start learning all there is to know about online presence? It would be nice but not practical. Sometimes we are just too busy with our professional and private lives.

So find a comfortable middle ground.  You can bridge the gap between where you currently are and where you need to be with help.  OS4U can be your guide to a long term solution that will make you feel 100% satisfied that you can compete in the marketplace.  A solution like this will keep you relevant and those leads should start coming in.

Does it seem that you never have enough time?  Are you always at your computer trying to do something job related?  Does it ever end?

Don’t get me wrong, it takes a lot to run a business, especially if you’re a one person have to do it all type of business.  But if you try to do all these things by yourself…well, are you crazy yet?  Don’t get bogged down in all the administrative and techie tasks that you need to do and get to spending time on the revenue-generating activities.  Plus, does this sound very successful to you?  I didn’t think so!

There are many tasks that you may be spending multiple hours on that could be designated to an online administrator that could get the job done in a shorter length of time.  You can’t bill a client for those hours at a computer and you aren’t making money.  Not good!

Here are a couple of lists you can make that will allow you to make a clear decision on creating a partnership with a virtual administrator.

List #1-Your daily schedule.  Create a list of your daily business-related activities for a one week period.  Review the list at the end of the week and prioritize by order of importance and which tasks take up the most time.  Also decide which are things that have to be done by you and those that do not.  This is a good place to start recognizing what you can allow someone else to do.

List #2 – Procrastination.  Identify all the things that you have been putting off or don’t really know how to do or just are not getting done that you would like to.  Again, list by importance and what you yourself have to do.  Decide when you would like to ideally have these tasks done and implemented.

Once you know exactly what you need help with, call Office Solutions 4 U to set up a plan that meets your needs.  Our initial consultation is free.  Are you ready to get started?  Oh, and be ready to get strict with yourself because with all that extra time you have is going to allow your business to skyrocket!


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