Online Presence

This is an interesting infographic I came across from the California Association of Realtors talking about how many home buyers rely on the internet to find a realtor and/or a home.  It all boils down to 3 categories.   1) You don’t get it at all or are just unwilling to embrace it.  2) You think you are technically sound, but really you are only a little better than group 1.  3) You get it! You are naturally gifted at picking up new technical platforms or you’re dedicated to learning them to grow your business.

If you’re in group 3, continue on with your day and skip this article.  And congrats!  But only a few of you really and truly exist.  So do you have to run out and start learning all there is to know about online presence? It would be nice but not practical. Sometimes we are just too busy with our professional and private lives.

So find a comfortable middle ground.  You can bridge the gap between where you currently are and where you need to be with help.  OS4U can be your guide to a long term solution that will make you feel 100% satisfied that you can compete in the marketplace.  A solution like this will keep you relevant and those leads should start coming in.