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The “Tudes” of Life

“With a good set of “tudes” you can accomplish some incredible objectives in life, so concentrate on the “tudes,” and I’ll SEE YOU AT THE TOP! “  Zig Ziglar

Happy New Year!

As we ring in the New Year, may all your dreams become reality and all your efforts turn into great achievements and success.  Happy 2015!

New Year 2015

During this time of celebrating the joyous holiday season with your friends and family, we want to wish you a Merry Christmas.

Christmas 3

Merry Christmas!

As we sing a song of joy this holiday season, may we all be blessed with peace, prosperity and happiness.

Merry Christmas!


Christmas 2014 1


Han SoloAs real estate agents did you know that you have a lot in common with Han Solo of Star Wars fame?  Read on for some interesting

They never stop working

Does this sound all too familiar?  During the day, at night, on the weekends…sometimes it just seems to never end.  Work, work, work.  But this was the trait of Han Solo as well.  When he wasn’t doing his “job” of smuggling he spent it trying to stay alive.  In your business that’s doing lead generation.  But by doing this we tend to…

Be well paid

Han was the ultimate businessman.  He owned his own business, ran it lucratively and the sky was the limit, literally and figuratively.  Real Estate Agents have the same potential.  There are no restrictions on how much you can earn or sell.  How industrious do you want to be?

Not everyone likes them

I know, can you believe it?  Someone not like you?  Unfortunately it’s true.  There are those people out there who you just do not meld with for whatever reason.  And it’s not personal.  It usually boils down to some aspect of money.  Even trusty Han Solo was considered arrogant, greedy and self-centered.  A misconception on both counts that are generally not warranted because most agents are hardworking individuals with your best interests at heart.  After all this is the biggest transaction you’ll probably ever make.

They have a trustworthy sidekick

Remember Chewbacca?  How could Han operate without him?  Chewy was his right hand man, well Wookiee.  All in all, you agents do not work alone.  You have mentors and an office of leaders to work with you.  And if you’re headed for greatness, you’ll have a support staff.  A virtual partner like OS4U gives you the ability to gain and close deals with a mutually beneficial relationship.

They use the best tools

The Millennium Falcon was Han Solo’s baby and his best tool.  Real estate agents also use the best suite of tools available to them to develop marketing plans and materials, manage client relationships and run their business

Unfortunately their job can be dangerous

This one is tricky because danger can lurk at any corner but the isolated nature of a real estate agent makes them a target.  So just like Han Solo, a good blaster at your side is a must.

If you want to live life with a little adventure, become the Han Solo of real estate.  In his own words “You know, sometimes I amaze even myself.”

Have you ever felt like something was in your way when trying to get things done?  What are your solutions?


Happy 4th of July!



How do you handle angry customers? We’ve all had them…unfortunately!  And the next thing you know your customer loyalty is beginning to wander and then it dwindles to almost nothing. Yikes!  Was it something I said?  Was it my attitude?  Believe me it could be as small as how you looked at someone and it all depends on their mood at the time.  (Check this out) Here are some good ways to handle angry customers.  After all, the customer is ALWAYS right!

How to Handle Angry Customers [Infographic from Provide Support]

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