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First, be clear about exactly what you need before approaching a virtual administrator.  Find someone who is experienced in your particular area and understands your wants and desires as well as goals and can pick up and start running without too much backstory.  Also make sure it’s someone whom you feel comfortable with and can talk to.  If they’re not a good fit you’ll be miserable.  Next, don’t be afraid to ask for references because a good administrator will be happy to provide them without question.  Their reputation is on the line as much as your own.  Make sure any agreement signed covers confidentiality.  You don’t want your proprietary info going to someone else.

All these things are covered when working with OS4U.  Get ready to soar with the eagles and call us now.  A well-run business is a prosperous business.

Trust is a word often used in everyday business to convey a message.  In the dictionary the word trust means “belief that someone or something is reliable, good, honest, effective, etc.”

In our world, as a business, it can often mean success or failure.  Therefore, trust would mean we are capable to do a job and do it correctly, that we have the knowledge and experience required plus the ability to complete it.  That we have consistency, that we are able to and will complete the follow through each and every time to deliver.  And we need to have context, showing that we are dependable, we have longevity, and have, above all, integrity.

Our team here at OS4U believes that trust and success go hand in hand.  We continually strive to back up our context with consistency and capability thereby providing our clients with a trustworthy partnership.  Let us instill the nature of trust in you.


Online Presence

This is an interesting infographic I came across from the California Association of Realtors talking about how many home buyers rely on the internet to find a realtor and/or a home.  It all boils down to 3 categories.   1) You don’t get it at all or are just unwilling to embrace it.  2) You think you are technically sound, but really you are only a little better than group 1.  3) You get it! You are naturally gifted at picking up new technical platforms or you’re dedicated to learning them to grow your business.

If you’re in group 3, continue on with your day and skip this article.  And congrats!  But only a few of you really and truly exist.  So do you have to run out and start learning all there is to know about online presence? It would be nice but not practical. Sometimes we are just too busy with our professional and private lives.

So find a comfortable middle ground.  You can bridge the gap between where you currently are and where you need to be with help.  OS4U can be your guide to a long term solution that will make you feel 100% satisfied that you can compete in the marketplace.  A solution like this will keep you relevant and those leads should start coming in.

Does it seem that you never have enough time?  Are you always at your computer trying to do something job related?  Does it ever end?

Don’t get me wrong, it takes a lot to run a business, especially if you’re a one person have to do it all type of business.  But if you try to do all these things by yourself…well, are you crazy yet?  Don’t get bogged down in all the administrative and techie tasks that you need to do and get to spending time on the revenue-generating activities.  Plus, does this sound very successful to you?  I didn’t think so!

There are many tasks that you may be spending multiple hours on that could be designated to an online administrator that could get the job done in a shorter length of time.  You can’t bill a client for those hours at a computer and you aren’t making money.  Not good!

Here are a couple of lists you can make that will allow you to make a clear decision on creating a partnership with a virtual administrator.

List #1-Your daily schedule.  Create a list of your daily business-related activities for a one week period.  Review the list at the end of the week and prioritize by order of importance and which tasks take up the most time.  Also decide which are things that have to be done by you and those that do not.  This is a good place to start recognizing what you can allow someone else to do.

List #2 – Procrastination.  Identify all the things that you have been putting off or don’t really know how to do or just are not getting done that you would like to.  Again, list by importance and what you yourself have to do.  Decide when you would like to ideally have these tasks done and implemented.

Once you know exactly what you need help with, call Office Solutions 4 U to set up a plan that meets your needs.  Our initial consultation is free.  Are you ready to get started?  Oh, and be ready to get strict with yourself because with all that extra time you have is going to allow your business to skyrocket!


We all know that making a good first impression is a must in the business world.  Doesn’t matter whether we are going on an interview for a job position or meeting potential clients for the first time.  That first meeting can make or break you because an interviewer or client can size you up in an instant and make the decision right then and there whether they want to work with you or have you on their team.  Always remember, you can never get a second chance so you need to make an outstanding impression from the start, have people positively remember you and make a lasting one.

Yes, I know.  You’re probably rolling your eyes right now and saying “I know all of this”.  But we need to be reminded sometimes because we tend to get lax in how we dress, our posture or even what we say.  So for a few essential tips read on.

  1. Take Care of Your Posture. Your body posture sometimes can say more than words. The words confidence, credibility and approachability come to mind.
  2. Your Facial Expression Counts. Smile and not that cheesy fake one!  You want to be friendly, sociable and polite but also genuinely professional.
  3. Your Overall Appearance Speaks for Itself. On that first meeting always dress in business attire.  There’s a time and place for casual and it’s not here.  And the first things noticed will be clothing, hair and face.  So be sure each is impeccable.  The next would be teeth and fingernails.  Make sure they are clean and well groomed.
  4. Introduce Yourself Professionally. Look your interviewer in the eye, confidently, and introduce yourself.  You need to show them that you know what you are doing.  And for heaven’s sake, never make them uncomfortable!
  5. Show Your Interest and Ask Questions. You are there to solve a problem and provide a service.  Get details.  Ask pertinent questions.  This not only shows you’re interested and want to help, but it will also clarify any possible misunderstandings as well as gathering useful information.
  6. And Last but not Least, Don’t Be Late. The worst mistake you could make is being late to the first meeting.  It gets you off immediately on the wrong foot.  Their time is as valuable as yours.  After all, aren’t you trying to make a good first impression?

We, at Office Solutions 4 U, try to practice these tips and so should you.  Email us ( to find out how we can assist you and show your potential clients why you should be their choice.  We look forward to making a good first impression.

first impression Picture1

Are you caught between a rock and a hard place? Is it time for an administrator but not sure if you can afford one? Read on for reasons you can’t afford not to.

1.  You have better things to do.VA Picture 4

Is all your time spend on tedious uploads, downloads and everything in between? What about going through tons of email and filtering out of the non-essential stuff?  You know, all the spam that you hate.  Do you dislike taking the time to keep up databases, do research and on and on and on?  Of course you don’t!  It’s really easy to delegate things of this sort to an administrator and free your time.  After all, your time is valuable!

2.  Your Admin Knows More

OK, admit it…you don’t know it all!  We, as admins, are able to keep up with the latest technology.  We know how to streamline tasks.  It’s our job, not yours.  You need to run your business.

3.  It’s Cost Saving

Ah, saves you money.  Did your ears perk up?  Whether it’s ongoing (preferable) or as you need us (not so preferable LOL!) hiring an administrator will save you in the long run.  No physical constraints, no employee benefits (we’re business owner’s too), well, you get the picture.

4.  Connected and Invested

Your admin knows how to keep you connected or they know someone that knows someone (depending on the situation, of course).  We know people!  And by making sure you’re at the top of your game we stay at the top of ours.  Win-Win for all.

So by partnering with a completely trained administrator at Office Solutions 4 U we offer a skill set of services to assist you in every aspect of your real estate business.  Don’t hesitate and cause your business to suffer the consequences.

Han SoloAs real estate agents did you know that you have a lot in common with Han Solo of Star Wars fame?  Read on for some interesting

They never stop working

Does this sound all too familiar?  During the day, at night, on the weekends…sometimes it just seems to never end.  Work, work, work.  But this was the trait of Han Solo as well.  When he wasn’t doing his “job” of smuggling he spent it trying to stay alive.  In your business that’s doing lead generation.  But by doing this we tend to…

Be well paid

Han was the ultimate businessman.  He owned his own business, ran it lucratively and the sky was the limit, literally and figuratively.  Real Estate Agents have the same potential.  There are no restrictions on how much you can earn or sell.  How industrious do you want to be?

Not everyone likes them

I know, can you believe it?  Someone not like you?  Unfortunately it’s true.  There are those people out there who you just do not meld with for whatever reason.  And it’s not personal.  It usually boils down to some aspect of money.  Even trusty Han Solo was considered arrogant, greedy and self-centered.  A misconception on both counts that are generally not warranted because most agents are hardworking individuals with your best interests at heart.  After all this is the biggest transaction you’ll probably ever make.

They have a trustworthy sidekick

Remember Chewbacca?  How could Han operate without him?  Chewy was his right hand man, well Wookiee.  All in all, you agents do not work alone.  You have mentors and an office of leaders to work with you.  And if you’re headed for greatness, you’ll have a support staff.  A virtual partner like OS4U gives you the ability to gain and close deals with a mutually beneficial relationship.

They use the best tools

The Millennium Falcon was Han Solo’s baby and his best tool.  Real estate agents also use the best suite of tools available to them to develop marketing plans and materials, manage client relationships and run their business

Unfortunately their job can be dangerous

This one is tricky because danger can lurk at any corner but the isolated nature of a real estate agent makes them a target.  So just like Han Solo, a good blaster at your side is a must.

If you want to live life with a little adventure, become the Han Solo of real estate.  In his own words “You know, sometimes I amaze even myself.”

No, no we’re not talking about your home, unless the shoe fits LOL!  We’re talking about your business, career and life.

If you’re feeling unsatisfied and you’re looking to move up the success ladder you may need to consider these three strategies.

Renovate.  Real Estate agents understand this term well and what it can do for the sale of a home.  But maybe your business could use a reno.  Do you need a demolition of your methods or strategies?  Take a quiet moment to really look over what you currently do and see what needs a complete overhaul.  Then renovate those things and watch progress begin.

Redecorate.  Maybe moving up the career ladder doesn’t require a complete update but just a room or two.  When was the last time your marketing pieces, for instance, were updated.  Is it possible you just need some fresh inspiration?  Then try redecorating your business.

Rejuvenate.  If things are going well for you YIPPEE!  Maybe all you need is a day or two to gain a new perspective.  Set new or different goals for going even higher.  Every now and then a little rejuvenation is all you need to get things going again.

A lot of times, though, even the simplest things take on mountainous proportions.  When this happens you need professional support.  Office Solutions 4 U has a team of seasoned professional administrators who can partner with you to conquer any project.  Don’t get stuck in a rut.  The opportunities are abundant.  You just need the right contractor to handle to remodel!  Call us now.

AT toolbox_01

Are you trying to grow your business alone?  I have my own company, Office Solutions 4 U, along with my business partner and daughter, Gina, and from our own experience we know that growing our business can sometimes be a daunting task.  Sometimes a chasm opens up and swallows us whole!  LOL!

I’m one of those people who is a perfectionist.  I have that “I’m the one to do it all” syndrome.  You may be one of those people too.  Let me just say this now…it won’t work!!!!  You can’t do it all and be great at everything which running a business requires.  This is the reason I partner with Gina.  She’s good in area’s I’m not.

As you learn to give up control step by step (and it’s a process) here are a few examples of ways Office Solutions 4 U can help relieve you of some of your “duties”.

  • Transaction Management
  • Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Client Retention

Because we’ve been there done that, we understand your frustrations and exasperations.  Call us.  It’s well worth it for your sanity!  Your business, and pocketbook, will thank you.

We, as business owners, often complain that there is too much to learn and keep up with to make our business worthwhile.  Well, what if I told you that there’s a way to make it less of a struggle?  Yes we all need to take the time to engage in new techniques and ideas to better our business.  And yes, we always need to gain a better clarity on how to move onward and upward.  But how we do this is the key.

How can I do that you might ask?  Well, we all have strengths and weaknesses and do things we really don’t like to do.  However, we should be working toward, and strengthening, our strengths and not our weaknesses as our ultimate goal.

picture 3

What are you doing in your business that you hate? What are you downright bad at that may be costing you not only money but clients?  Ideally you want to work at something that you really love and that you’re really good at.  You also will spend time on things that you’re very competent in.  Where you don’t want to be is in the incompetent area–ineffectual and unskilled.  Nothing good can come from trying to continue to do it all!  So start delegating those items as soon as possible.  Get rid of them!  They will make you miserable and won’t make you money.  As a matter of fact they will probably cause you to lose money because you keep procrastinating about getting them done.  Find someone you can delegate those items to immediately.  It may not be as costly as you think and it will give you renewed energy to do those money-GENERATING activities that you get excited about and enjoy doing.  Look for partners to add to your team that are strong where you are weak.  By adding those people your business will be unstoppable not to mention you won’t have to do those tasks any more.   So be happy! Work at the business you love…again!

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