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I get asked occasionally what can a VA do for me that I can’t do myself.  Here are some of the more frequently entrusted benefits and tasks.

  • Technology changes faster than many real estate agents can keep up with plus it can be a struggle to keep up with all of it and/or get it accomplished. We are tech-driven professionals and know our way around a computer and the latest apps, etc.
  • We work remotely from our own fully equipped office. No need to buy/rent equipment and space that you really don’t need.
  • We can assist you with streamlining your business by taking tasks that you don’t like or do not do well and completing them for you.
  • No need to get involved with the IRS. We are a business of independent contractors.
  • Manage and optimize your Listing Coordination/Marketing
  • Manage and assist with Closing Transaction
  • Keep your documents organized and uploaded to a paperless system
  • Design, manage and maintain your offline marketing pieces
  • Create and maintain your client databases.
  • Manage and maintain your email marketing and lists

If you struggle with being more productive and the effective use of the greatest and latest tools and technology, you may want to consider partnering with us.  Don’t prevent yourself from working on the most profitable areas or your business.  Call us today for a free consultation.

Keep Calm & Hire a Virtual Assistant

First, be clear about exactly what you need before approaching a virtual administrator.  Find someone who is experienced in your particular area and understands your wants and desires as well as goals and can pick up and start running without too much backstory.  Also make sure it’s someone whom you feel comfortable with and can talk to.  If they’re not a good fit you’ll be miserable.  Next, don’t be afraid to ask for references because a good administrator will be happy to provide them without question.  Their reputation is on the line as much as your own.  Make sure any agreement signed covers confidentiality.  You don’t want your proprietary info going to someone else.

All these things are covered when working with OS4U.  Get ready to soar with the eagles and call us now.  A well-run business is a prosperous business.

7568537cc26285ddb69cd6052017ac6aLet me give you a little perspective.  First off, we are human just like you!  We eat, drink, sleep, have families and friends and enjoy our personal time.  Sound familiar? We also have a passion for our job because we love what we do.

We are business owners, like yourself, providing services in various areas of real estate such as daily tasks, marketing, creative projects and more.  However, our main job is to help you be successful in yours.

As our title indicates, we work virtually, or digitally, and usually out of a home office.  A lot of us have been in business longer and with more experience than you have and are more successful although you probably would never know it.

Clients need to know that we have experience; certain skill sets and training that are beneficial to them.  These are extremely important and don’t need to be overlooked.  And nothing is more important than finding a qualified virtual administrator to a client than one who actually cares about the client and their business.  Remember the Golden Rule “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.  If you take us for granted and don’t uphold your end, the relationship usually will fall apart.  If you care about your business, and we care about your business, how can you fail?

A Virtual Administrator can give you the gift of time (family or fun), is someone who can support you in your business as well as be your partner to point out weak spots, help you grow and even make your business more profitable.

If lack of time, business growth and profitability are of interest to you, contact us to set up a phone consultation.  It’s that simple!

If a day in your life is like a day in mine, I never have enough time to get everything done the way I would like.  My to do list most always runs over to the next day and I constantly have a feeling of being behind before I ever get started.   Does this sound familiar?  I figured as much.

Because of the nature of the real estate business, and most any business, time management is always a top priority.  We have deadlines to meet, projects to get done and customers/clients to please.  Making efficient use of your time is a must.   Here’s a few things that might help you to stay on track.

1. Create a schedule and stick to it.

You must commit to organizing and prioritizing each item on your list.  But most of all be realistic.  Don’t set goals that you can never reach and schedule the less desirable ones to be done first thing in the morning so that they are completed and out of the way.  Then you create a sense of accomplishment that carries throughout the day and it’s easier to complete each task thereafter.

2.  If necessary invest extra time.

If you complete all things on your list early then spend the extra time “catching up” on things you planned to do later like making a phone call to your sphere or writing that social media post or even cleaning up your desk.

3.  Use technology to your advantage.

Technology usually helps us increase efficiency but can also hinder us as well.  Be sure your use those apps wisely and gain the benefit of available tools and resources to help you achieve your long and short term goals.

4.  Don’t waste time.

Disappointment and discouragement often sabotage our best work ethics.  Be bold in what you do and move forward.  Don’t constantly take steps backward because something didn’t go as planned or you didn’t get everything done.  Resolve to do better tomorrow.  After all it is a new day.

These are all tips I try to utilize myself.  But if you do find yourself falling miserably behind every day and you are wallowing in despair, call, message or live chat with me.  I can help.  Office Solutions 4 U is here to assist you in whatever way possible to help you stay ahead of the game.

Real Estate is a tricky business to say the least.  Sometimes it’s all or nothing…lean years and boom years.  In the very beginning, when you’re first starting out, you have a whole office to assist you.  You’re gung ho and you have access to training in lead generation, how to complete the proper paperwork and the list goes on.  You’re continually learning and have all you need at your disposal.  Sounds kind of like a fairy tale doesn’t it?

At some point you “strike it rich” and you’re moving to the next level.  Training is over and you’re now a bonafide real estate agent but now it’s becoming a challenge to get everything done.  Where did your time go?  What to do, what to do?  Enter a Virtual Administrator.  Not only can a VA’s experience help with your production—what it’s all about right?—but so much more.  Here’s just a few ways we can assist you.

  • Transaction Coordination
  • Research & Marketing
  • Documentation
  • Email Management
  • Contact Management

So at this point, by delegating tasks and giving up some control, your business grows even more.  This newfound time and ambition allows you to “move on up to the East Side” as George Jefferson would say.  Is the end result not about making money so that the lean years are not so lean and the boom years are really booming?  Sounds pretty simple to me.  So the question is, why wouldn’t you want to partner with another business owner who shares your vision, your passion and will support you at each level of your growth?


In a sea of real estate agents do you stand out from the crowd?  Think about Pirates.  What comes to mind?  They stand out from a crowd of mates, right?  When they walk by, the crowd parts.  Bottom line they are unique.

How does this relate to real estate you ask?  How many times have you heard someone tell someone else that they’re different because of something they offer or promise to deliver?  But what is it?  The same type of sameness just at a different company.  But the pirate way of thinking is something completely different.  They command presence…not with promises or offers but with a uniqueness that is theirs alone.

Let’s take a look at what this means to you.

When you sit down to evaluate your business and where you want to go, be completely honest, even critical.  Start by crossing off everything that you do or possess that everyone else in real estate does or possesses (certifications, software, marketing, etc.).  It may leave you with a short list.  Start building upon that short list by thinking of noteworthy traits that are totally yours and capitalize on them.  Market leaders stand out because of something only they possess.  Present your value to potential clients.

And don’t worry if things get disrupted for a while.  As you navigate the stormy seas searching for buried treasure, X marks the end of your journey.  The treasure awaits as you become the new leader in your field, the captain of your ship.

So Set Sail and Chart Your New Course!

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