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Online Presence

This is an interesting infographic I came across from the California Association of Realtors talking about how many home buyers rely on the internet to find a realtor and/or a home.  It all boils down to 3 categories.   1) You don’t get it at all or are just unwilling to embrace it.  2) You think you are technically sound, but really you are only a little better than group 1.  3) You get it! You are naturally gifted at picking up new technical platforms or you’re dedicated to learning them to grow your business.

If you’re in group 3, continue on with your day and skip this article.  And congrats!  But only a few of you really and truly exist.  So do you have to run out and start learning all there is to know about online presence? It would be nice but not practical. Sometimes we are just too busy with our professional and private lives.

So find a comfortable middle ground.  You can bridge the gap between where you currently are and where you need to be with help.  OS4U can be your guide to a long term solution that will make you feel 100% satisfied that you can compete in the marketplace.  A solution like this will keep you relevant and those leads should start coming in.

Does it seem that you never have enough time?  Are you always at your computer trying to do something job related?  Does it ever end?

Don’t get me wrong, it takes a lot to run a business, especially if you’re a one person have to do it all type of business.  But if you try to do all these things by yourself…well, are you crazy yet?  Don’t get bogged down in all the administrative and techie tasks that you need to do and get to spending time on the revenue-generating activities.  Plus, does this sound very successful to you?  I didn’t think so!

There are many tasks that you may be spending multiple hours on that could be designated to an online administrator that could get the job done in a shorter length of time.  You can’t bill a client for those hours at a computer and you aren’t making money.  Not good!

Here are a couple of lists you can make that will allow you to make a clear decision on creating a partnership with a virtual administrator.

List #1-Your daily schedule.  Create a list of your daily business-related activities for a one week period.  Review the list at the end of the week and prioritize by order of importance and which tasks take up the most time.  Also decide which are things that have to be done by you and those that do not.  This is a good place to start recognizing what you can allow someone else to do.

List #2 – Procrastination.  Identify all the things that you have been putting off or don’t really know how to do or just are not getting done that you would like to.  Again, list by importance and what you yourself have to do.  Decide when you would like to ideally have these tasks done and implemented.

Once you know exactly what you need help with, call Office Solutions 4 U to set up a plan that meets your needs.  Our initial consultation is free.  Are you ready to get started?  Oh, and be ready to get strict with yourself because with all that extra time you have is going to allow your business to skyrocket!


The “Tudes” of Life

“With a good set of “tudes” you can accomplish some incredible objectives in life, so concentrate on the “tudes,” and I’ll SEE YOU AT THE TOP! “  Zig Ziglar

There is information galore about why you should hire a realtor to buy or sell your home.  They are competing daily to be chosen by new clients.  What are you doing to get ahead of it all?

Agents can spend an inordinate amount of time trying to do their own administrative work.  There are always new resources to explore and procedures to learn, accessing huge amounts of new techniques and options and even more.  Those precious hours need to be spent interacting and connecting with actual clients.

As Real Estate Professional Assistants (REPA), we understand the specific aspects of the real estate business such as: Listing and Closing Coordination, Transaction Management, Marketing and Campaigns and Database Management.  All of this can be performed by our team of specialists.  By entrusting these tasks to us it is very cost effective when you figure out how much of your time is saved not doing these duties yourself.  We are contracted professionals whose motivation is established upon the success of your job.  Make 2015 your most profitable year yet by partnering with us to give you more time to grow your business and generate profit.  Call us now before it’s too late!

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We all know that making a good first impression is a must in the business world.  Doesn’t matter whether we are going on an interview for a job position or meeting potential clients for the first time.  That first meeting can make or break you because an interviewer or client can size you up in an instant and make the decision right then and there whether they want to work with you or have you on their team.  Always remember, you can never get a second chance so you need to make an outstanding impression from the start, have people positively remember you and make a lasting one.

Yes, I know.  You’re probably rolling your eyes right now and saying “I know all of this”.  But we need to be reminded sometimes because we tend to get lax in how we dress, our posture or even what we say.  So for a few essential tips read on.

  1. Take Care of Your Posture. Your body posture sometimes can say more than words. The words confidence, credibility and approachability come to mind.
  2. Your Facial Expression Counts. Smile and not that cheesy fake one!  You want to be friendly, sociable and polite but also genuinely professional.
  3. Your Overall Appearance Speaks for Itself. On that first meeting always dress in business attire.  There’s a time and place for casual and it’s not here.  And the first things noticed will be clothing, hair and face.  So be sure each is impeccable.  The next would be teeth and fingernails.  Make sure they are clean and well groomed.
  4. Introduce Yourself Professionally. Look your interviewer in the eye, confidently, and introduce yourself.  You need to show them that you know what you are doing.  And for heaven’s sake, never make them uncomfortable!
  5. Show Your Interest and Ask Questions. You are there to solve a problem and provide a service.  Get details.  Ask pertinent questions.  This not only shows you’re interested and want to help, but it will also clarify any possible misunderstandings as well as gathering useful information.
  6. And Last but not Least, Don’t Be Late. The worst mistake you could make is being late to the first meeting.  It gets you off immediately on the wrong foot.  Their time is as valuable as yours.  After all, aren’t you trying to make a good first impression?

We, at Office Solutions 4 U, try to practice these tips and so should you.  Email us ( to find out how we can assist you and show your potential clients why you should be their choice.  We look forward to making a good first impression.

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In our business lives, we want to achieve success and be successful in our business no matter the line of work we choose.  However, working in real estate, our character, I believe, comes more into play than other lines of work.  We work directly with clients who depend on our character every day to get their home sold, to trust us with their most valued possession and in our case, trust us to handle their day to day business.  Here is some food for thought.

  1. Character is doing what’s right when no one is watching. Don’t just do what is right when no one sees, or so you think, but do it all the time. The truth always comes out.  Don’t be caught in something you think you can get away with.  It will come back to haunt you.
  1. Character is doing what’s right when it’s not easy. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. often spoke about that. He said, “There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must take it because conscience tells him it is right.” Make your choices ahead of time and value doing what’s right above all else.  People should know what you stand for and what you won’t.
  1. Character is telling the truth when a lie would be easier. Our parents always told us as children to not lie and always tell the truth no matter what the consequences. It still stands today.
  1. Character is making sure your walk matches your talk. You can’t say one thing and do another and expect to have character, trust, and influence.
  1. Character is playing by the same rules, no matter how big, important, or powerful you are. Your values shouldn’t change just because of your successes. Being a leader just reinforces who you are, not what you can get away with.
  1. Character is tending the fragile to maintain the powerful. As educator Sissela Bok noted, “Trust and integrity are precious resources, easily squandered, hard to regain.” But character, handled well, is also powerful. You see, your position of leadership may cause people to take notice of you, but it is only your character that will cause people to respect you.
  1. Character will determine your legacy. Your talent will make your name known, but your character will determine what people associate with your name. Your talent will dictate your potential, but your character will determine your legacy.

We at Office Solutions 4 U believe our character determines our success.  Are you ready to put your trust in a team that is willing to help you build and preserve your successes with integrity?

“Reprinted in parts with permission from Dr. Alan Zimmerman’s internet newsletter, the “Tuesday Tip”.


Social Media Marketing

I just read a great article about social media marketing that I thought you might be interested in too.  It really opened my eyes to a few things that realtors boast about in this new age but are we as savvy as we think?  I’m not so sure.

The first thing that agents now days tell their potential sellers is that they post their home on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or your blog.  While I think that is important, I’m not sure it’s as all reaching as we imagined.  First, most agents have other agents in their likes or friends who generally already see this on their MLS or their website (assuming they have a feed from their MLS).  But did you know that only about 10-20% of your likes ever see your posts?  That sounds about right from my own experience.  While most potential clients do search online, I think we fail to realize that our money may be better spent on real estate specific websites reaching our target audience.

Now one thing that has been brought out more prominently by social media is videos.  DO NOT EVER tell someone a video is not important.  You Tube is the second largest search engine and the third most visited website.  Get the picture?  A video sets the tone of the listing and is sometimes the thing that will make a visitor call you.  If you’re not already, get on board now.  This is one of the best things we can do for our clients.

While Social Media Marketing done right is great and can bring you lots of clients, it’s primarily about building social relationships.  In other words it’s not marketing if you don’t build relationships.  Here is a great quote from a Massachusetts realtor, Bill Gassett.

“Social media is about building relationships with people that can potentially help your business grow…The best way to make social media work is to be social.  The first instinct with most real estate agents on social media is to share their listings. Unless you are in the REALTOR®’s geographic locale and are interested in buying a home, you are probably not going to have any interest in a real estate agent pushing listings in your face. So many REALTORS® just don’t seem to get this and fail miserably at social. People don’t go on social networks to find real estate listings.”

Here’s another good quote from a realtor in Las Vegas, Debbie Drummond.

“I see a lot of Realtors who are pushing their listings or offering to help you get your home bought and sold on social media, but they don’t offer anything helpful. Sharing useful information and answering questions is where it’s at in social media, and in marketing in general today. I’m using it to share great articles that home buyers and sellers find useful. I’m also using it to talk about things that pertain to Las Vegas.”

I know a lot of you out there are already doing these things I mentioned and a great big “Atta Boy” goes to you.  But for you newer agents this may be a learning curve.  You need to attract customers to see the value in YOU.  Not how many houses you can show them.

Here’s a few ways that will teach you how to be.

  1. Know Your Stuff! Over time skill will win out over luck.
  2. Think Things Through. Believe that to be successful, and maintain that success, you have to consider your choices wisely.
  3. If Things are Bad, Don’t Make Them Worse! Know when to do nothing is the best option.
  4. Associate with the Right People. You can’t make a good deal with a bad person. Enough said.
  5. Don’t Be Too Trusting! Even the right people may still let you down. Be prepared.
  6. Know When to Jump Ship. Recognize when something is failing and be willing to change.
  7. Tread Carefully in All Matters. Exercise extreme caution and weigh every action or decision like it’s the last one you’ll make. Think about how quickly you can ruin your reputation.
  8. Appreciate What Came Before. You would not be where you are today had people not paved the way before you and therefore contributed to your success.
  9. Habits Are Hard to Break. Make sure you cultivate good ones.
  10. Be Certain of Your Success Even if No One Else is. Always be convinced that you will succeed and never doubt it!

Thanks to #WarrenBuffett for these pearls of wisdom.  Here’s to Success!

Success 2

7568537cc26285ddb69cd6052017ac6aLet me give you a little perspective.  First off, we are human just like you!  We eat, drink, sleep, have families and friends and enjoy our personal time.  Sound familiar? We also have a passion for our job because we love what we do.

We are business owners, like yourself, providing services in various areas of real estate such as daily tasks, marketing, creative projects and more.  However, our main job is to help you be successful in yours.

As our title indicates, we work virtually, or digitally, and usually out of a home office.  A lot of us have been in business longer and with more experience than you have and are more successful although you probably would never know it.

Clients need to know that we have experience; certain skill sets and training that are beneficial to them.  These are extremely important and don’t need to be overlooked.  And nothing is more important than finding a qualified virtual administrator to a client than one who actually cares about the client and their business.  Remember the Golden Rule “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.  If you take us for granted and don’t uphold your end, the relationship usually will fall apart.  If you care about your business, and we care about your business, how can you fail?

A Virtual Administrator can give you the gift of time (family or fun), is someone who can support you in your business as well as be your partner to point out weak spots, help you grow and even make your business more profitable.

If lack of time, business growth and profitability are of interest to you, contact us to set up a phone consultation.  It’s that simple!

Have you ever dug and dug for the right key to fit a particular lock?  Maybe your car keys or house keys.  If you’re like me they’re always in the bottom of a too full purse!

The same can apply to your business.  You need to find the right “key” that fits to make your business successful.  Office Solutions 4 U can provide the right fit to make you and your business more prosperous in 2015.  Give us a call today or visit our website, to see what we can do for you.

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